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Help planning your home extension

There are numerous opportunities to extend your home. Some of the most common include: a loft conversion, converting cellar and garage spaces, downstairs extensions or building additional rooms.

Are you planning an extension project?

The first thing to decide upon when planning an extension is what type of extension you wish to have. There are not only cost implications to take into account but functionality must also be considered:

Things to consider when choosing to add an extension to your property:

Planning permission

Before work begins we will guide you through all the necessary planning permission in order to minimise stress. Any extension, regardless of dimensions will need to be approved beforehand. In addition, if your building is listed, special planning permission will be required. 

Important things to know about planning permission:

Working with architects

When planning possible designs for your extension, we will work with architects and yourself, of course, to design a plan that suits you and your property. We collaborate with a whole host of skilled architects and everyone involved takes great pride in their work.

How we work with architects:

We take pride in our work, and will co-ordinate with architects to realise your vision.

Creative partnerships​

Architectural firms have several requirements to be met before choosing to work with a building firm. Technical competence, creativity and craftsmanship are some of the more important aspects considered. 

Caliber Construction has an impeccable reputation throughout the architectural industry and has fostered many partnerships in the field over the years. 

We have worked with both traditional and computer-aided architectural techniques and as such we have the experience and expertise to meet your exact architectural requirements.

Caliber Construction only employs highly capable professionals who use the best materials and techniques in their work.

Services to architects include:

In short, Caliber Construction takes great pride in its work and we look forward to working with you.

Project management

We will keep you up to date with all project proceedings. We will establish an accurate time schedule and keep to it. We will minimise disruption to you and your property and make sure the project is completed on time and to your satisfaction.



Give you a timescale that works for both you and your family.


Set out key stages in the project while keeping you updated of any changes.


Have been tried and trusted by our clients.


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