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Price or value?

Your happiness and satisfaction is our top priority. 
At Caliber Construction you’re going to find honesty, integrity and superior customer service.

The decision is yours to make, however you could be highly disappointed when a cheaply built project turns into a nightmare. Working with Caliber Construction will eliminate all risks and provide you with the building quality you deserve. Our service goes beyond expectation and our results are parallel to none. We strongly recommend choosing value over price every time.

Choosing a building firm

When deciding on a building firm, price is always an important consideration. We agree that price is important; however choosing a building firm for their low prices may compromise the value of your project. Often unrealistically low-priced companies struggle to meet the basic needs of their clients. At times, builders are late and fail to provide adequate customer care. There is usually confusion toward their time scale so progress is lengthy and inconsistent.

It is also common to find unnecessary hidden costs. You may be charged for work which has gone wrong and, in some cases, the entire project may have to be restarted due to inadequate structural planning or disregard for legal procedures.

Caliber Construction will provide you with undeniable quality at an appropriate cost. From start to finish, what we quote you for is exactly what you will get. We will provide the best building materials and our highly skilled work force will guide you through your project until completion. Once finished, there will be no additional costs so you can enjoy the final product without worrying about needless future expenses.

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What we value

Our core values reflect the culture of our company.

They are guiding tenets, informing every decision and action we take.



We strike the perfect balance between collaborating with your design team and imparting our wisdom and knowledge when we think it will best serve the project.


Our lines of communication are always open. We encourage our clients to call with any questions or concerns they may have.
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We plan for perfection and expect the unexpected. We are on site every day ensuring that progress is being made, tradesmen are working diligently and the neighbours are happy!


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