What About Building Regulations?


There is a difference between Building Regulations and Planning Permissions. Building Regulations set standards for the design and construction of buildings to ensure the safety and health for the people it was constructed for.

Planning seeks to guide the way our towns, cities and countryside develop. This includes the use of land & buildings, the appearance of buildings, landscaping considerations, highway access and the impact that the development will have on the general environment.

Today there are many regulations that have been put in place which building companies have to comply with. They may seem irrelevant, but they each one is in place for an appropriate reason. When building, health and safety regulations are massively important and by not complying with these laws, one may face severe consequences.

Fortunately, you need not worry about these laws. We ethically abide by these rules and guarantee that our work is firmly within the confides of the law.

The Caliber Way

At Caliber Construction, our reputation has spread not only to our clients, but also with planning officers, many of whom hold Caliber Construction in high regard. We are well aware of all building regulations and we are positive that our work will not cause any problems in the future. We stake our reputation on this.