Planning a Home Extension


There are plenty of opportunities to extend your home. Some of the most common are adding extra rooms by converting loft space, converting cellar and garage spaces, downstairs extensions or building additional rooms. 

The first thing to decide when planning an extension is what type of extension you should consider. There are not only cost implications but also functionality.
Things to consider when choosing an extension are:

  • Cost of the extension: Loft extensions can be an ideal and cost effective and add value to your house.
  • Functionality: You are able to create space that is suited to your lifestyle and is appropriate for your future needs.
  • Disruption: One of our aims is to minimize this disruption to your household.


    Before we consider working on the extension, we will guide you through the planning permissions. Any sized extension will need this agreement. If your building is listed, a special planning permission will be needed. We will help you through the permission process to minimize stress and come to a conclusion for the best way to proceed.

    Important things to know about planning permission:

    • Without proper planning permission, the project can not go ahead. We are experienced at gaining planning permission, even for difficult projects.
    • Special planning permission is required for listed buildings.


    When planning possible designs for your extension, we will work with architects to design a plan that suits you and your property. The planning permission varies with different buildings but we will ensure that you will be more than satisfied with the outcome of your project.

    How we work with architects:

    • We are skilled at working with different teams of architects to produce the best result for you as a client.

    We take pride in our work, and will co-ordinate with architects to realize your vision.


    We will keep you up to date with all project proceedings. We will establish an accurate time schedule and keep to it. We will minimize disruption to you and your property and make sure the project is completed on time and to your satisfaction.

    Our project managers:

    • Give you a timescale that works for both you and your family.
    • Set out key stages in the project while keeping you updated of any changes.
    • Have been tried and trusted by our clients.


      Architectural firms look for several requirements before choosing to work with a building firm. Technical competence, creativity and craftsmanship are some of the more important aspects an architectural firm looks for when doing business with builders. Caliber Construction has a fantastic reputation throughout the architectural industry and has many partnerships in the field. 

      Caliber Construction has worked with both traditional and computer-aided architectural techniques. With our high level of technical competence we have the expertise to meet the exact architectural requirements and enhance your building project.

      Caliber Construction has consistently produced adaptive solutions that have helped architects carry out their creative tasks. We have access to a vast source of material, enabling you to find the correct look and texture for your project. 

      Craftsmanship plays a vital role when commissioning a building firm. The best architectural plans may not be realized if the builders used do not meet the requirements themselves. Caliber Construction only employs highly capable professionals who use the best materials and techniques in their work.

      Services to architects include:

      • Quotations – a fully costed and comprehensive quotation can be provided which includes all building and support services.
      • Technical competence and advice – Our builders are highly trained and are able to offer experienced advice on materials and building techniques.
      • Creative solutions – whether it is in terms of materials, techniques or engineering, Caliber Construction works with architects to increase the efficiency of the projects.
      • Craftsmanship – for all properties, Caliber Construction employs skilled craftsmen who can use a variety of techniques to meet your requirements.

      Architects look to use building firms who are an active partner in your work. Many other building companies are unethical and cut corners on projects. Caliber Construction takes pride in its work and greatly looks forward to working with you. Please contact us to discover what we could do to your architectural portfolio.