Home Extensions

  • There are many reasons why you need extra room in your home or company.
  • Your family is expanding
  • Ill or elderly family members need to live with you
  • An unfortunate illness or accident means specialist accommodation

Buying a new property may seem like the logical thing to do, however, there are also many reasons why this is not feasible,

  • You are bound to your new location
  • Family ties
  • There may be nothing suitable in area
  • Finances do not allow
  • You love your property

A property extension is the alternative to going through the stress mentioned above. It is a cost effective way giving you that extra room or converted garage. When a building is first developed, its full potential is rarely reached. Builders develop properties with the intention to sell it and often don't utilize all its possibilities.

Caliber Construction is very capable of developing extension work of all types and sizes. We collaborate with our clients to ensure that their land is being used to its fullest. We give thought to all our projects and the final product comes out looking like it was meant to be there.

Our fantastic history of results is as a result of our dedication and experience. Any problem we will encounter will already have a carefully planned solution.