Design and Build

Caliber Construction offers a vital service to your project from the moment you contact us, to the final product. Our seamless work will provide your building with the thorough knowledge and experience it deserves.

Many builders ask you to provide utilities such as plumbers and electrical tradesmen. You may even be forced to contact multiple building firms to ensure the quality of one project. With Caliber Construction, we do all the necessary work for you. You may have heard of, or even seen, severe building nightmares in your area. With us, you will only be provided with the finest craftsmanship and expertise.
Caliber Construction are involved in every step of the building process. We have developed countless relationships with an array of planning experts who will guide you to your perfect extension or project. We will also be able to present your ideas to you through traditional architectural planning or computer-generated designs.
Planning plays a massive part in our work, but we are also capable of sorting out any legal matters. We have massive experience in the legality of building and will ensure that all these laws have been complied to. 

As soon as all planning permission has been met, Caliber Construction will commence building at the first opportunity. We will first provide you with a full explanation of proceedings and project planning. You will also be given timescales to ensure that your everyday life will not be interrupted by our work. We will employ the highest standard of craftsmen to ensure that your project reaches its maximum potential. You will be accurately updated throughout and ensured that results are beyond expectation.

It isn't uncommon for building companies to provide inadequate painters and decorators to the final product and all too often does their carelessness ruin the entire project. At Caliber Construction, your project will never fall short of perfection. We employ the finest decorators whose keen eye for detail will leave you overjoyed with your finished project.
Many people struggle to find the best craftsmen for their building needs, but with Caliber Construction, our experience is second to none. We will ensure that every need is met with care and accuracy. Nothing is left to chance with Caliber Construction; we are your trusted building partners.