Property Managers

Property managers have a number of demands on your resources. Securing and maintaining properties can be a challenging task. It requires repairs, general maintenance and complex refurbishments. There is also a massive need for plumbing, electricity and other utilities. These issues require highly skilled project managers and you would need a trustworthy and responsive building firm to ensure quality.

Caliber Construction is highly experienced with working alongside property managers. Being a local firm, we understand the needs and specifics of property managers in the area.

We are quick and reliable when faced with repair jobs. We will provide a full and accurate quotation for the work and will be able to attend to projects at short notice. Our specialist tradesmen will meet the highly complex needs of property managers.

Caliber Construction understands the demands of refurbishing, ensuring a high quality at the lowest possible cost. 

Our services to property managers include:

  • Quotations – a free and comprehensive quotation is available on request.
  • Repairs – property repairs are available on either a once-off basis or on a longer, contractual basis.
  • Safety and security – Caliber Construction will make sure that all security measures are put in place and make sure that the work is carried out with maximum safety to clients and the general public across a range of buildings.
  • Refurbishment – for a portfolio of properties, Caliber Construction offer and conduct modernization and refurbishment work. 
  • Contract services – Caliber Construction will conduct a range of services for you over a period of time. This service is specifically useful to help reduce service charges for your properties.
  • Extensions – to make the most of your space, Caliber Construction will help you improve your existing buildings.

We offer a variety of services to make sure your property and land is being used to its fullest potential. In this pressing time for property managers, Caliber Construction is your trusted building partner.