Landlord Services By Caliber Construction

We understand the pressures of being a landlord. With added stress from tenants or property quality, it has become crucial to find a building company who provides a range of services at a reasonable price. Whether residential or commercial, tenants look at the quality of the property and without excellent utilities, landlords may attract unreliable tenants.

Caliber Construction is trusted by major landlords in the area. We have the understanding and experience to meet all your needs as a landlord. Caliber Construction will ensure the needs and wants of landlords (and their tenants) are fulfilled.

We will not only increase the value of your property but also the likelihood of tenants wanting to rent it. We'll employ an unobtrusive and efficient work force to ensure that contracts, repairs, refurbishment and decorations are completed in superior fashion.

Caliber also provides a long-term service for landlords with multiple properties. We will handle your repair and alteration work while clearly communicating the exact requirements for your property portfolio.

Services to landlords include:

  • Repairs – from simple repairs on one property to multiple, long term repairs for the entire portfolio of the property.
  • Decoration and refurbishment – to make sure that properties are re-let quickly, Caliber Construction provides a wide range of decoration and refurbishment services to your property.
  • Extensions – as a landlord, you are most likely aware of the need to increase property space and tenant numbers. Through extending properties you are be able to increase capacity and gain tenants.
  • Contract services – landlords need to know that repairs can be done at short notice. By talking to us about your needs, you can be sure that building services are provided whenever they are needed.

As an experienced firm, we understand that there is no single approach to meeting the needs of clients. Whether you specialise in residential or commercial property, we will respond to your individual needs as a landlord. No matter what the job may be, you can rely on Caliber Construction to make the best of your property.