Caliber Construction offers a range of extensive services to business customers. As a business customer, profit and efficiency will be vital to you and our extensive range of services, whether they be urgent repairs, expansions or refurbishing, will bring undeniable value to your project at a reasonable price.

Caliber Construction is also mindful of the need for businesses to be aware of their costs. A competitive quote will be established before commencing any further work. We employ a range of building, plumbing and electrical services to save on costs for sub-contracting. Being local and highly experienced, they are knowledgeable of local suppliers who can source materials of great quality.

We also value business continuity when building. Not only will we minimise disruption but also provide an accurate schedule for the work. We pride ourselves on customer service and will keep you well informed about proceedings.

Successful businesses are very aware of the environment of both customers and employees. This awareness boosts sales and the morale of one's workers. The system becomes more productive when the business environment is clean, comfortable and attractive. With a wealth of experience in working with business clients, Caliber Construction will provide you with the best possible building services.

Our services to business customers include:

  • Reasonable costing – you will receive the most competitive quotation available, with a guaranteed level of quality and service.
  • Continuity of operations – we understand business continuity is vital. During the works we will discuss your requirements 
  • A range of services – both small and large works, from repairs and refurbishment to the construction of new business premises are available.
  • Repairs – from minor to major damage to your premises, we will quickly restore your business to its full capacity.
  • Long term contracts – we also supply businesses with a longer term, competitive contract for a variety of services.

Establishing partnerships with local and reliable builders is the key to ensuring a service of the best possible quality. We are certain on meeting these requirements. We have a range of major commercial customers who have been very satisfied with our services and will recommend us for future building projects.